10 Best Low Key Caribbean Islands For A Peaceful Vacation

What is the idea of a perfect getaway? For a few people, it is a peaceful place to relax, repose and get rejuvenated enough to hop back to your everyday frenetic schedule; if a holiday seeker falls into this category and looking for the ideal beach destination, then check out these under-the-radar beach getaways. They are the best Caribbean Islands to explore in April or May.

These low-key beach destinations tick all the right boxes, powdery pristine sands, and the azure ocean for a ready dip. These are perfect options for the weary traveler who needs to go remote (even incognito) for a few days and enjoy the heavenly combination of sun, sand, and sangrias. Here is the best compilation of the top 10 best Caribbean Islands to visit for the holidays.

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10 Guana Island – British Virgin Islands

Lush green mountainous landscape and blue ocean in Guana
Photo by Alexey Sinelnikov

Lush green mountainous landscape and blue ocean in Guana

Guana is one of the 16 inhabited islands of the around 40 islands that make up the British Virgin Islands. It is an 850-acre covering island that has miles and miles of white sands with not a soul in sight; only 36 guests are allowed at a time.

With seven beaches, undulating mountains, verdant gardens, organic orchards, many hiking trails, and flamingos running amok, it’s the best place to be. The island, with its endemic wildlife, is popular among nature lovers.

  • How to reach there:
    Fly into British Virgin Islands’ Beef Island Airport through Antigua or San Juan, St. Thomas.

Note: There are only 18 rooms and villas on this private island, so it is as exclusive as it gets, and it feels like a private domain

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9 Nevis

A calm ocean with the mountain as the backdrop in Nevis
Photo by Mark S on Unsplash

A calm ocean with the mountain as the backdrop in Nevis

This tiny island covering 36 square miles packs a big punch. It has plenty of tranquil spots to relax and leave all the stresses behind. The island is a beautiful combination of gorgeous beaches and lush rainforests.

Nevis may be a tranquil spot, but it packs in wellness, adventure, and sumptuous cuisine in one lucrative package. Nevis doesn’t have many hotels apart from the standout Four Seasons Resort. However, one can always try some of the best boutique plantation resorts, such as the Golden Rock Inn. There is also an ancient sugar mill turned guest house, which promises amenities wrapped in luxury.

  • How to reach there:
    Fly from the USA to St. Kitts and take a ferry or water taxi to reach the island.

Note: Relaxing or taking it easy on Nevis is called liming.

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8 Saba

A road on an island by the turquoise ocean in Saba
Photo by Stephan van de Schootbrugge on Unsplash

A road on an island by the turquoise ocean in Saba

Saba is a diver-friendly island that not many people know about. The crystal clear water and its temperature is perfect for exploring the diversity of marine life. Saba also offers stunning views, and one can take a peek at the panoramic views from a vantage point, Mt. Scenery’s peak, Elfin Forrest.

The island is also dubbed the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean” with its stunning vistas, diverse ecosystems, adrenaline-inducing diving & hiking, and evolved art scene; it is nothing short of a paradise for secluded vacation seekers.

  • How to reach there:
    One can reach Saba by flight or via ferry via St. Maarten Island (SXM, Princess Juliana Airport).

Note: The Bird’s Nest restaurant at the Queens Garden Resort has a private, intimate dining table built set atop a 100-year-old mango tree. One can enjoy a meal there while overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

7 St. Lucia

A bird's eye view of a thriving port city in St.Lucia
Photo by Omar Eagle-Clarke on Unsplash

A bird’s eye view of a thriving port city in St. Lucia

Despite St. Lucia’s 20-year-old tourist history, it still features among the 9 less crowded Caribbean Islands that you should visit. It is a blessing in disguise for tourists looking for a serene holiday. Book a luxurious room at the Landings Resort and Spa, which has around 70 rooms; enjoy the lavish perks of the resort.

A mud bath at the Sulphur Springs and scaling heights to the Tet Paul Nature Reserve are just a few of the vacationer’s favorite things. Tourists can also enjoy a day on the terrace, watching the sun go down and painting the sky beautiful shades of orange and pink. There is a private beach with access to numerous water sports.

  • How to reach there:
    Reach St. Lucia via direct flights (American Airlines) from Miami (MIA) and New York (JFK).

Note: Try the popular local dish Gros Islet Fish Fry, on Friday nights.

6 Salt Cay

A deserted beach under a blue sky in Salt Cay
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels

A deserted beach under a blue sky in Salt Cay

Salt Cay is a remote location, so you cannot expect modern facilities. However, people from all over the world visit here to get what they don’t get in their bustling cities.

It’s a rare feat to watch whales swimming around or enjoy the calming activity of snorkeling in the blue seas. There’s a restaurant and bar on the island, Coral Reef Bar & Grill, which offers you a drink and a bite while watching the quiet waters lapping the shore. There is something quaint and tranquil about the island, from the colonial buildings in Balfour Town to the South District Beach, the vantage point to watch the sunset.

  • How to get there
    : Though the airstrip is tiny, Salt Cay has one, and you can reach there via
    Air Turks & Caicos
    and fly there from Providenciales.

Note: The best way to move around the island is via bicycle, which is an excellent commuting vehicle

5 The Little Cayman Islands

Brown wooden boats on a body of water in The Little Cayman Islands
Photo by Tranmautritam on Pexels

Brown wooden boats on a body of water in The Little Cayman Islands

To all those tourists who want to get far away from the “madding crowd,” you should try the unique Cayman Islands all-inclusive resorts for a relaxing beach vacation. The island is a favorite among divers and beach enthusiasts and is known to the diving community as the “Mecca of the Caribbean.” Most of the vacationers head to Bloody Bay Marine Park to explore the popular diving gems.

Set out to explore the Point of Sand for a swim or take a boat to explore the deserted Owen Island to enjoy nature in all its glory. You can also rent a scooter to explore the pretty nook and corner of the island and stop for refreshments at East End. Put on your explorer’s hat to find out more about Cayman’s spectacular crystal caves.

  • How to reach there:
    Fly from Grand Cayman via a charter flight to Little Cayman. There are direct flights from Miami to Cayman Brac and a connecting one to Little Cayman.

Note: Bring an underwater camera to capture incredible underwater scenes, especially stingrays and exotic tropical fish in all their glory

4 Renaissance Island In Aruba

Two pink flamingos on the Renaissance Island, Aruba
Photo by Lex Melony on Unsplash

Two pink flamingos on the Renaissance Island, Aruba

Renaissance Island Aruba is a popular go-to destination for avid travelers. It is a tiny man-made paradise with two beaches, accessible only to in-house guests at the Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino.

Take a boat from the island’s capital to reach the destination; however, one needs to show them the hotel’s key for a free ride. This palm-fringed island boasts a private beach bar to comfortable hammocks for all-day lazing. And one may have some cute not-so-little pink flamingos to greet on the island. Feed these friendly creatures and spend time with them on Flamingo Beach.

Note: Renaissance Island has an adult-only beach featuring a seating area, lounge chairs, water hammocks, and food and beverages.

3 Culebra

Sun setting on the horizon of an island in Culebra
Photo by Wenhao Ryan on Unsplash

Sun setting on the horizon of an island in Culebra

Culebra is another underrated low-key Caribbean island located 17 miles east of the Puerto Rican mainland. With a sparse population, vacationers will enjoy beautiful turquoise lagoons, white powdery beaches, and lush mangrove forests without fighting the crowds.

Bird watchers love to frequent the island as it has the oldest bird sanctuaries in the United States. The spring or the early summer season is the perfect time to visit the island to watch sea turtles making their way to the island to lay eggs.

  • How to reach there
    : Take a 30-minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Culebra. It takes five and a half hours from the USA to San Juan.

Note: Flamenco Beach is the best and the most picturesque beach in Culebra and all the Caribbean.

2 Bluefields, Jamaica

Brown wooden house from seashore in Bluefields, Jamaica
Photo by Bergen Davis on pexels

Brown wooden house from seashore in Bluefields, Jamaica

Tourists who like to ditch crowded beach destinations would love Bluefields in Jamaica as it hasn’t caught the attention of the average tourist. They can still enjoy the many island activities that most go-to beach destinations promise, from deep-sea fishing to glass-bottom cruises. It is also one of the most stunning Caribbean beaches to visit this winter.

For more fun activities, visit the Bluefields Organic Fruit Farm, to get a sneak peek at Jamaican history and learn about organic farming. Also, have a look at a monument near Belmont Falls that pays tribute to Peter Tosh, a reggae musician.

  • How to reach there
    : Bluefields is an hour from Montego Bay Airport. Take a bus from Montego Bay Airport to Savanna-la-Mar and a taxi from Savanna-la-Mar to Bluefields Beach.

Note: For a lively evening with food and good music, visit Rick’s Café, an hour away from Bluefields.

1 Bonaire

Tree-lined shore beside a turquoise ocean in Bonaire
Photo by Stephen Pedersen on Unsplash

Tree-lined shore beside a turquoise ocean in Bonaire

Although The island of Bonaire is one of the less popular island trios among Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao; however, it has scores of island activities that can make it a vacationer’s paradise. With coral reefs and sea caves, revelers will have plenty of things to occupy themselves with on the picturesque island and plunge into shore diving with Bonaire’s 10 best scuba sites.

Apart from visiting Washington-Slagbaai National Park, visitors love to scale the tallest peak at Mt. Brandis. Try novel activities such as windsurfing and kayaking through mangroves or swimming in the Boka Kokolishi’s tide pool. Vacationers can also enjoy golf at the natural gold golf course in Bonaire.

  • How to reach there
    : Book a flight from Curacao, Aruba, or Miami to the International Airport at Bonaire.

Note: Order the bestsellers’ octopus carpaccio and red-snapper fillet at Sebastian’s, one of the best restaurants in Bonaire.

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