Sustainable Hawaii travel tips for your next island getaway

Just a five-hour nonstop flight from the West Coast, Hawaii’s archipelago of volcanic islands is one of the most easily accessible yet otherworldly destinations for residents of the Bay Area — and it doesn’t take much to sell potential vacationers on the idea of a week or two spent in balmy weather on the state’s white sand beaches. 

But of course, the impact of a tourist-driven economy on the islands creates its fair share of issues for the very same natural resources that the islands are known for: their spectacular waterfalls, pristine beaches, lava fields, perfect waves, and fresh fish and fruit. Fortunately, there are fantastic ways to experience all that Hawaii has to offer while minimizing your footprint on the islands. 

Even better, being an environmentally responsible tourist in Hawaii goes hand-in-hand with supporting the local economy as well. By choosing local food sources, supporting local adventure businesses, and selecting eco-minded accommodations, it’s entirely possible to take your long-awaited tropical vacation and also support local Hawaiians. 

And not only is it possible, but we’ve made it easy: Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to take a sustainable trip to the Big Island of Hawaii you’ll remember for a lifetime.  

Travel to Hawaii via Hawaiian Airlines. 

Travel to Hawaii via Hawaiian Airlines. 

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How to get to Hawaii 

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

If there were a more sustainable way to get to Hawaii, it would go here — as it is, our options for going to these islands are pretty much limited to flying. That being said, you can book your travel through Honolulu-based Hawaiian Airlines, meaning that at least your money goes to a company from the islands. Hawaiian Airlines flights from San Francisco International Airport to almost all of the islands take off regularly, and you won’t be sitting on the plane for the better part of a day, either: A nonstop flight from SFO takes roughly five hours. 

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