10 Best Wyoming Family Beaches For A Kid-Friendly Vacation

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Wyoming is among the largest states in the country and has all the wonderful sights nature provides, including beautiful volcanoes, hot springs, parks, and lakes. The travel destination also offers incredible fun outdoor activities, a fantastic dining scene, and shopping opportunities. It has everything vacationers would need in a family trip, with beaches being some of the most spectacular sights to explore. Wyoming’s extraordinary beaches are worth exploring and would satisfy every beach craving. Here are the 10 best Wyoming beaches for a kid-friendly vacation.

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10/10 Alcova Reservoir

Alcova Reservoir offers four magnificent beaches, along with six beautiful campgrounds, hiking trails, and picnic spots. The beaches provide unforgettable memories, especially when traveling with kids, because they are perfect for swimming and beach volleyballs, plus a Children’s Swim Beach with shallow waters and a play area. Biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating are other fun water sports visitors can enjoy in Alcova Reservoir.

9/10 Glendo State Park

Glendo State Park is one of the best Wyoming family beaches for a kid-friendly vacation. The park offers miles of beautiful sandy beaches, perfectly lined with palm trees, giving vacationers incredible camping and swimming opportunities. Vacationers can stay overnight at either Sandy Beach or Broken Arrow campgrounds and create some unforgettable family memories. Fishing, waterskiing, and boating are other fun activities tourists can enjoy here.

8/10 String Lake In Grand Teton National Park

There are many beautiful lakes in Grand Teton National Park, but none of them is as much loved as String Lake. The beach features shallow waters, perfect for families visiting Wyoming with kids. Grand Teton is a popular travel destination, so vacationers should ensure they arrive early to find a parking spot and then spend fun moments at the beach. The surrounding of this beach is stunning, and visitors can enjoy spectacular views from paddle boards.

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7/10 Fremont Lake, Pinedale

Fremont Lake offers some of the most fun adventures and spectacular scenery, making it an incredible vacation destination. Its pristine waters and beautiful sands are perfect for swimming, paddling, and kayaking. After spending a whole day swimming at the beach or busking in the sun, stroll around the picnic area and have some lunch. Travelers who prefer staying over the weekend can use the dry camping spots to spend their travel days.

6/10 Boysen Reservoir, Shoshoni

Boysen boasts more than 70 miles of shoreline, making it a perfect family vacation destination. Boysen Reservoir is located in Wyoming’s largest state park, Boysen State Park, and has a designated beach offering one of the best swimming experiences for a kid-friendly trip. Tourists can also go boating, water skiing, wildlife spotting, and fishing apart from swimming. Those planning to stay overnight or extend their trip to more days can spend those moments at Boysen Campground.

5/10 Colter Bay In Grand Teton National Park

Offering spectacular sandy beaches, breathtaking views, and sparkling waters, Colter Cay is definitely among the best family beaches for a kid-friendly vacation. Families can have fun sunbathing, enjoy the stunning scenery of the surrounding, and swim in the shallow, warm waters. Other fun activities to enjoy on this beach include kayaking, fishing, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and more. Located along Jackson Lake, Colter Bay is a rocky beach, so vacationers should definitely pack water shoes.

4/10 Guernsey State Park, Guernsey

Guernsey State Park offers an unforgettable beach vacation experience full of exciting and educational memories. The park boasts four beautiful beach areas and makes an incredible destination for families into watersports or just love playing in the water. Travelers can also enjoy boating and camping, even staying over the weekend. To connect with the area’s fascinating history, visit Register Cliff and Oregon Trail Ruts.

3/10 Keyhole State Park, Moorcroft

Keyhole State Park is an incredibly family destination for a kid-friendly vacation, boasting 14,000 acre-reservoir with numerous water activities and fishing opportunities. There is a magnificent beach in this perfect, perfect for swimming, and other activities, including windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and water skiing. There are some trails within this park that vacationers can hike as they explore the magnificent surrounding. Some of the nearby spots to visit are the Black Hills Forest and the Devil’s Tower National Monument.

2/10 Seminoe State Park, Sinclair

Seminoe State Park boasts one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Wyoming, offering endless fun recreational activities for families. Its 180-mile shoreline is one of the most spectacular and presents an array of opportunities for beach lovers. Vacationers can develop various unique experiences on this beach, thanks to sandy coves and rocky spots. Fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, and kayaking are other things families can do here.

1/10 Leigh Lake In Grand Teton National Park

Leigh Lake is another beautiful lake in the Grand Teton National Park, boasting blue waters and a rocky beach. Getting to the lake requires a little hiking by following the Leigh Lake Trail. The lake is not as crowded as others in Grand Teton National Park. The spectacular rocky beach is an excellent spot for families into kayaking, canoeing, and picnicking. The place is also great for relaxing, as it’s a bit quiet and offers breathtaking views of the scenic natural surroundings.

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