10 Most Beautiful Beach Towns In Greece

Ahh, Greece. Words alone aren’t enough to describe how magnificent this country is. To some, Greece is a historical destination, especially in Athens, also described as the birthplace of democracy. While to others, it’s an incredible tourist spot that attracts many with its dramatic landscapes, beautiful islands, delicious foods, and secret coves. The country also has beach towns that soothe the mind with their impeccable beauty. And these 10 are the most beautiful that travelers shouldn’t miss out on, alongside suggestions of top accommodations.

10 Preveza

Street cafe in Preveza, Greece
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A colorful street café at the harbor of Preveza, Greece

Preveza charms adventurers with its island-like atmosphere, rich history, splendid sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. Food lovers indulge in avgotaraho, also known as grey mullet roe, which is salt-cured, dried, and glazed with beeswax and then served with crusty bread and ouzo. Other seafood delicacies to taste include grilled sardines and shrimp.

Besides tasting the local fare, adventurers choose from unwinding along the organized Kiani Akti sandy beach or exploring the ancient ruins of Nikopolis and the Archeological Museum of Nikopolis.

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9 Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos, Greece
 © Ruslan Gilmanshin | Dreamstime.com

Waterfront with small shops and boats in harbor of Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Agios Nikolaos is a beautiful waterfront town on the northeastern shores of Crete. Set at the center of the town is the picturesque and mythical Lake Voulismeni, with a port lined with restaurants, bars, shops, and neoclassical homes. Travelers dine in the waterfront cafe and restaurants as they enjoy the views and cool sea breezes.

If craving the sun and sand, adventurers drive for about 15 minutes to Voulisma Beach. The beach curves along a ribbon of soft sand and has shallow clear turquoise waters ideal for children to swim in.

8 Kardamyli

Aerial view of the beautiful seaside village of Kardamyli, Greece
 © Pilotf18 | Dreamstime.com

Aerial view of the stunning seaside village of Kardamyli, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece

Set between the Gulf of Messinia and Mt Taygetos is the majestic Kardamyli town. The beautiful contrast of the blue Mediterranean waters and the lush green forest continues to capture the hearts of vacationers. But the legendary stone tower houses and the 1700s Agios Spyrdion church give the town an authentic character that travelers tap into as they wander around Old Town Kardamyli. After exploring the town, adventurers walk for about 10 to 15 minutes to swim in crystalline waters or lounge along the pristine Ritsa Beach.

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7 Nafplio

 Aerial view of Nafplio beach town, Greece
© Nataliya Nazarova | Dreamstime.com

 Aerial view of Nafplio beach town showing mountains and houses, Greece

Nafplio is a popular tourist destination with a weighty history, mystical ambiance, and majestic Venetian castles. As tourists wander in Old Nafplion alleys, they find neoclassical buildings with eclectic architecture and tavernas serving local delicacies that burst with flavor. The town oozes romance, especially during sunsets, as the golden rays make the grand homes and blue-green sea gorgeous.

History buffs walk up the 857 steps to explore the imposing Palamidi Fortress to see its eight bastions. Once at the top, they soak in the panoramic views of Akronafplia and the Aegean Sea.

6 Galaxidi

Greek harbor Galaxidi in Greece
© Dimaberkut | Dreamstime.com

Buildings and the temple of a Greek harbor Galaxidi, Greece

Galaxidi is a secluded beach town with a fascinating naval history, a legacy well-preserved in the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi, established in 1928. The museum has a rich archive collection of maps, photos, ship documents, and captain certificates. Additionally, there are ship models, aquarelle paintings, and the one-of-a-kind manuscript of the Chronicle of Galaxidi worth checking out. After visiting the museum, adventurers relax and swim in the gentle and crystal-clear waters of the nearby Kendri Beach. The surrounding trees provide much-needed shade during hot days.

5 Nafpaktos

The port of Nafpaktos, Greece
 © Costas1962 | Dreamstime.com

The historic port of Nafpaktos, Greece

Nafpaktos is more known as a weekend destination by Athenians than foreign travelers. Travelers unwind along Psani Beach on the western side of Nafpaktos, with plenty of shade, showers, cafés, and hotels within walking distance. The Spitiko Restaurant delights tourists with classic homestyle dishes like gemista and papoutsakia, while Perigiali Mezedopouleion serves mezedes accompanied by the anise-flavored aperitif ouzo.

Apart from relaxing along the beaches, adventurers can explore the Venetian Castle of Nafpaktos and see its five defensive walls and the Botsaris Tower.

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4 Parga

Colorful coastal town Parga in Greece
 © Freesurf69 | Dreamstime.com

Colorful houses in Parga beach town, Greece

Parga boasts elegant traditional architecture, exotic beaches with turquoise waters, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Adventurers get a little of everything from nature when vacationing in this town, from visiting tiny exotic islets by boat to relaxing along beaches with wild backdrops. Water sports enthusiasts have a blast on the spacious Ammoudia Beach, which offers plenty of opportunities for diving, water skiing, and sailing. Additionally, aquaphiles feel the fluctuating water temperatures when swimming in the cyan-hued waters because the beach sits at the mouth of the Acherondas River.

3 Asos

Beautiful beach town of Asos, Greece
© Iancucristi | Dreamstime.com

Beautiful landscape, buildings, and bay at the beach town of Asos, Greece

Asos is a tranquil haven in the heart of the eye-catching Kefalonia west coast cliffs. This fishing town retains its charm despite attracting many tourists who come to see the alluring Melissani Lake with its glittering underwater reflections. Myrtos Beach is one of the best beaches and most famous attractions in Greece, having been featured in many tourist magazines naming it one of the most dazzling beaches in the world. Thrill seekers see the beauty of Myrtos Beach as they soar high in the sky by tandem paragliding or swimming in the idyllic waters.

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2 Symi

Panormitis Monastery, Symi, Greece
 © Arsty | Dreamstime.com

View of Panormitis Monastery, Symi, Greece

When travelers first arrive in Symi, the colorful Venetian mansions sprawling along the hillsides and harbor catch the eye. But as they explore further, holidaymakers discover spectacular monasteries, intriguing museums, and secluded beaches. The Archangel Michael Panormitis Monastery, with interior Byzantine period paintings, continues to host monks and lure history buffs with its two museums. The first museum features religious items, Russian epitaphs, and pontificals, while the other displays folk culture items relevant to shepherding and fishing. After exploring the museum, visitors buy fresh baked goods from the on-site bakery.

1 Mykonos Town

Colorful cafe by the sea in Mykonos
 © Zoom-zoom | Dreamstime.com

Colorful café by the sea in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos town is famous for its lively atmosphere and wide range of fascinating tours to take during the day or night. Shoppers peruse boutiques and souvenir stores along Matogianni Street before sitting in one of the reasonably priced tavernas serving delicious souvlaki and gyro delicacies.

But Alefkandra, known as Little Venice, has restaurants opening up to narrow paths just beside the sea. As the sun goes down, lovebirds flock here for romantic dinner dates and admire the stunning sunset views, with the famous windmills catching the last golden rays.

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