Dream Vacation Spots: Top 18 Dream Travel Destinations 2023

Dream Vacation Spots: Top 18 Dream Travel Destinations 2023


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Are you searching for dream vacation spots to fulfill your wanderlust? You’ve found the right spot.

These dream vacation spots, from remote oceanfront homes to Greek island-view infinity pools, can be printed and tacked to a vision board.

Here are some of our most fantastical, idealized dream travel destinations you should consider visiting in 2023. You might already have visited a few, while others may be on your list of must-see places.

From cultural immersion to adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, these dream holiday ideas have you covered throughout the globe and across the board. Puerto Rico is our number one dream vacation destination because it has a little of everything.

In addition, you’ll discover a wealth of helpful advice from locals on what to see and do at each location.

1. Puerto Rico: Top Dream Vacation Spots Overall

One of the best dream vacation spots can be found in Puerto Rico, in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, and part of a United States territory.

Puerto Rico, meaning “rich port,” is one of the prime tropical destinations for tourists. There are multiple things to do in Puerto Rico for thrill seekers, like snorkeling, surfing, diving, or sailing due to its many white sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs.

It’s also included in the best island vacations in the US that are affordable. For those on a tighter budget, there are several clean and welcoming affordable hostels to choose from.

Meals and transportation here are quite cheap compared to other popular beach destinations. Individuals intrigued by the myriad of fauna and flora in the Caribbean should make it a point to visit El Yunque National Forest and the other top tourist locations in the tropics.

San Juan, the capital, is a mix of culture and architecture and is the place to find top-notch restaurants, gambling venues, and relaxed nightlife spots. It is an excellent choice for families as various activities are available.

2. Maui: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Maui is one of the top dream vacation spots, thanks to its stunning scenery, abundance of outdoor activities, and friendly smiles that promise aloha.

Outdoor Adventure

With its stunning scenery and excellent facilities, Maui is one of the dream vacation spots for outdoor activities. Look as the zipliners soar into the lush forest above.

For example, a mountain cyclist is tearing through a eucalyptus and pine forest. Trails go between lava flows and bamboo groves, so hikers have it pretty well, too.

Surfing, wind boarding, and snorkeling are some of the best dream vacation spots. You can ride the crests of waves, soar over the tops of the crests, and glide by schools of fish and coral reefs.

The Valley Isle is one of the most famous top 10 dream vacations, with activities like taking the Road to Hana, viewing the dawn from the top of Haleakala, and seeing humpback whales up close from a kayak in Makena Bay.

Natural Beauty

Keawakapu Beach’s beautiful sands. Haleakala’s sloppy, verdant flanks. The serene allure of Wailua Falls. Gorgeous as they are, these landmarks have attracted tourists for decades.

It is funny how you might believe you know Maui’s breathtaking landscapes inside and out, just to be taken aback by a new perspective.

The spontaneous displays of beauty you come across in dream vacation spots are the ones that stay with you. Perhaps the silversword (ahinahina) is establishing territory on a crater’s precipitous side.

Or maybe the craggy lava of the Ke’anae Peninsula, which, for a brief second, seems protective rather than threatening. Where do you stand on Polipoli’s Waiakoa Loop Trail?

Food and Drink

Maui’s all-natural beauty is complemented by a vibrant and exciting food scene. Plus, the most incredible thing is … you may enjoy the scenery and adventures all you want, but you’re never more than a couple of hours’ drive from a hearty supper.

Unless it’s 8 o’clock on Hana, and you’re searching for a place to eat, we’re getting off-topic. Dream vacation spots that serve upcountry veggies and grass-fed beef from the ranch down the road are being embraced by restaurants of all stripes, from the shabby food trucks to the white-linen dining rooms.

Although dishes like loco moco, shave ice, and kalua pork may seem strange, you can be certain that they are bursting with flavor and served in generous servings.


Hikers on the King’s Hwy at La Perouse Bay may easily imagine what the ancient visitors would have felt as they trudged over the rough lava rocks while staring at the ocean and baking in the sun.

Natural features and old buildings across Maui serve as windows into the past. Old wooden stores and raucous taverns give downtown Lahaina a whaling-town vibe.

Edward Bailey, a missionary from the 1800s, might walk out of the Bailey House stairs, and nobody would bat an eye. Making this destination one of the best dream vacation spots.

And what about Komoda Bakery, which has been in business for a century? Cream puffs from the past are as delicious as ever.

3. Bhutan: Top Dream Vacation Spots

We still haven’t made it to some of our dream vacation spots, but Bhutan is on the list. This ideal holiday destination has been on our list forever, but we’ve never been able to make it a reality.

Bhutan, often known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a mountainous, landlocked kingdom in South Asia. The country’s jaw-dropping scenery and abundance of animals have made it famous worldwide.

In contrast to other countries, Bhutan uses its population’s “Gross National Happiness” as a measure of success rather than GDP. However, don’t get fooled; this isn’t the place for budget vacations.

Bhutan is a dream vacation spot because of its isolation, which has allowed it to preserve its rich cultural traditions. Visiting Bhutan isn’t cheap — every tourist must spend $250 per day for a Bhutanese visa — but the high price tag is perhaps part of what makes the country one of the world’s top tourism destinations.

4. Namibia: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Regarding dream vacation spots, no country compares to Namibia. A large portion of the world’s oldest desert is located there, contributing to the country’s unique moniker. Namibia is a country unlike any other on Earth because of the breathtaking landscapes that greet visitors there.

Discover towering red sand dunes, valleys filled with ancient dead trees, and rare and exotic fauna. Namibia is one of the dream vacation spots where you won’t have enough time to see everything it offers.

The Naukluft Mountains, which rise from the desert floor, have large gorges and rock formations at Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, and Spitzkoppe.

The boundless Kalahari plains to the east and the Caprivi Strip’s oasis of floodplains and rivers teeming with animals are only the beginning of what Namibia has to offer. These dream vacation spots are exquisite.

From South Africa, we crossed southern Namibia, where we were met with towering rock formations and deserted highways. The trail we followed led us through a dry gorge and onto a high plateau. The sun started to drop as we emerged from the gorge.

The sudden weather shift made for one of the most beautiful dream vacation spots, with gusts of flaming red sand catching fire under the setting sun.

Everything happened during the first hour of our arrival. Before visiting a single attraction, we knew Namibia was one of our dream vacation spots.

5. Malawi: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Malawi was one of my dream vacation spots, even though not many know much about it other than that it is one of the smallest nations in Africa and is located in the middle of our journey across the continent.

Malawi has earned the nickname “the warm heart of Africa.” You’ll understand why once you get there.

Though we entered Malawi through Zambia’s Chitipa Border Post, not expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised by a place that no visitor to Southern or Eastern Africa should miss.

The locals have a reputation for being among Africa’s nicest. Nothing is pushed on you, you can stroll around pretty much anywhere and not worry about your safety, and everyone is kind.

You may not think of Lake Malawi as one of your dream vacation spots now, but that will quickly change when you go for a kayak ride or a dip in the refreshing waters.

6. Cappadocia: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Cappadocia, located in central Anatolia, Turkey, is one of the most dream vacation spots with its lofty plateau dotted with stunning volcanic peaks, the largest of which is Mount Erciyes at approximately 13,000 feet.

Because of its relatively high elevation and proximity to the interior, this area is mostly dry and semiarid. It also experiences extremes in temperature, with hot summers and freezing winters.

Cappadocia is one of the dream vacation spots to visit in Turkey due to its stunning natural rock formations, fascinating history, and unique architecture. However, this is not a good destination when you’re looking for cheap tropical vacations.

Experience sleeping in a cave hotel, unique to this area, or rising before dawn to ride a hot air balloon. Cappadocia is an incredible destination, whether you’re looking to go out and hike in the Rose Valley or just kick back with a cup of Turkish tea and do nothing at all.

7. Jordan: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Jordan is one of the dream vacation spots in the world with its beautiful vistas, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine, and exciting adventures. The people of Jordan are just as wonderful and hospitable as the country itself.

Jordan has everything a visitor could want and should be on everyone’s wish list. Jordan is one of the top dream vacation spots for anyone in search of both cultural and physical stimulation.

All sorts of vacationers may find an activity they like in this region, from spelunking in Wadi Mujib to floating in the Dead Sea.

No trip to Jordan is complete without seeing the ancient city of Petra. Historically, this area provided a safe haven for nomadic Arabs throughout its time as the capital of the old Nabataean Kingdom.

The city fell under the control of many major empires in due time, most notably the Romans and the Saracens.

Petra was lost and concealed for many years until it was rediscovered by the Western world in the nineteenth century. It is now considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and one of the world’s top 10 dream vacations.

You must continue your Jordanian adventure by visiting Wadi Rum. Nomadic Bedouins have made their home in Wadi Rum’s harsh desert environment for hundreds of years, if not millennia.

Hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters characterize this region. Wadi Rum’s towering monoliths, mountains, and canyons set it apart from the deserts we saw in Namibia and Morocco.

8. Panama: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Panama is one of the best dream vacation spots, with its stunning blue waters and Chiriqu’s coffee fields and cloud forests. Depending on your preference, you can have a relaxing or exciting experience in Panama.

Endless Summer

Panama is well positioned to provide the finest beach life, with many uninhabited islands, a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere, and monstrous Pacific seas.

And as you go to the shore, you enter a whole other universe, a clear indicator of dream vacation spots.

Take advantage of it by scuba diving with whale sharks in the Pacific, snorkeling the rainbow reefs of Bocas del Toro, or sailing in the indigenous area of Guna Yala, where the virgin isles have never been seen by a human.

Surfers, meanwhile, will be excited to have the best waves to themselves. Howdy, utopia.

Cosmopolitan Panama

Panama City is one of the dream vacation spots, as it is a city of contrasts — a cultural melting pot and an economic powerhouse. There are many things there that are brand new or vastly better.

The first metro system in Central America is now up and running, the historic Casco area has been wonderfully renovated, and a large canal extension has been finished. Enjoy the unique aspects of the city.

If you rent bicycles and cruise the coastal green space, check out the Casco, or go to an avant-garde performance, you’ll see that this tropical city is more than simply salsa.

The Great Outdoors

Panama is one of the dream vacation spots for exploring its natural landscapes. Using a dugout canoe, you may go deep into indigenous territory or investigate the remains of Spanish forts along the Caribbean coast.

Wildlife is incidental, whether it a brilliant quetzal on the mountain walk, a noisy troop of howler monkeys outside your cabin, or a breaching whale that makes your boat voyage an exciting adventure.

Activities associated with adventure tourism include ziplining through tropical rainforests, swimming with sea turtles, and hiking to breathtaking cloud-forest viewpoints, making it one of the best tropical vacations spots to visit.

Lost-World Adventure

Reaching the Darién isn’t necessary for venturing off the usual route, but doing so will bring you to one of Earth’s most biologically varied regions.

Take a dip in the midst of several impressive waterfalls not far from Santa Fé in the highlands.

Community tourism is a great way to learn about Panama’s seven distinct indigenous cultures. To act out your fantasy of being a castaway, go to the Guna Yala, or waste time on a deserted beach in the Peninsula de Azuero.

Retaliate with your own howls at the animals who are sharing your canopy. Wildness levels in Panama may be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

9. China: Top Dream Vacation Spots

China is among the most popular dream vacation spots. The name alone makes you want to pack up and go. From historical places to adventure, cultural diversity, amazing food, and scenery, China has everything you need from your dream vacation spots.

Breathtaking Antiquity

China is more than just its flashy new facade. You won’t be stumbling upon artifacts in the world’s longest-continuous civilization.

Three decades of nonstop growth have rendered certain regions of the nation practically unrecognizable from their more modest origins. There are, however, still plenty of historical treasures to be found.

Toss in some crumbling Great Wall, temple-topped mountains, forgotten villages, sleepy water towns, beautiful Buddhist grottos, and crumbling desert forts, and see what sticks.

Remember the words of Laotzu: “a trip of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” and be sure you bring a sturdy pair of shoes.

Stupendous Scenery

Only a few nations can rival the Middle Kingdom in outdoor recreation. You may island hop in Hong Kong, ride amid fairy-tale karst pinnacles in Yangshuo, or see the pristine sapphire lakes of Tibet, some of the most exotic places to travel.

See the stunning southern rice terraces, snap a photo of yourself in front of the stunning yellow rapeseed beside Qinghai Lake, and trek the Great Wall as it winds its way over the tops of mountains.

Wander through lush bamboo groves, or if you’re tired, relax on a quiet Hainan beach and watch the sunset while listening to the crash of coconuts.


Expect your taste senses to be tantalized, challenged, and pampered in China, a country with a population of 1.4 billion food lovers and tremendous geographical and cultural diversity.

Chow down on some Peking duck in Beijing, relax with a bowl of hot soup in Chongqing, then fuel up on a seasoned rujiamo (shredded pork in a bun) before setting off to summit Hua Shan.

Try some spicy Hunan food, a bowl of hot Lanzhou noodles, or a plate of dim sum in a southern Chinese town. If you follow your nose in China, you won’t want to stop exploring.


The territory occupied by China is enormous. Huge beyond measure. It’s like multiple nations wrapped into one, with their own fascinating idioms, climates, and topographies.

You may spend the night at Everest Base Camp, travel the dusty Silk Road, get dolled up for a night on the Shanghai tiles, or explore the yak-butter-lit Xiahe temple halls.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an urban adventurer, a hiker, a biker, an explorer, a backpacker, an irrepressible museum-goer, or a follower of the latest cuisine craze; China has something for everyone.

10. New England: Top Dream Vacation Spots

New England is one of the best dream vacation spots on Earth, with its beautiful landscapes and cultural history, charming towns, modern art galleries, green hillsides, granite coasts, clam shacks, and covered bridges.


New England’s past is intertwined with that of the United States. It’s people like the ones who landed on Plymouth Rock, the ones who battled for independence from Britain, and those who fought to end slavery in the United States by abolishing it.

Those are Ralph Waldo Emerson’s musings and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s outrages. For centuries, poets and philosophers have pushed the boundaries of thought and action.

Generations of immigration, together with freedom-loving natives who aren’t hesitant to question the existing quo, have made New England one of the most popular dream vacation spots today.

Outdoor Adventure

From the birch-covered Berkshires of Massachusetts to the lush Green Mountains of Vermont to the towering White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine, outdoor enthusiasts may find their paradise in the ancient Appalachian range.

New Englanders enjoy unrestricted access to angling, swimming, surfing, sailing, and sunbathing thanks to the region’s approximately 5,000 miles of coastline and some of America’s loveliest interior lakes. Put on your shades and sunscreen, and plan a lake or ocean trip.


New England is home to classic art museums and cutting-edge spaces for contemporary art. Boston, Portland, Providence, and Burlington are hotspots for indie rock.

In the summer, the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra takes its performance on the road to Tanglewood, where it continues to thrill listeners.

However, there are classical music performances in Rockport, Vermont, and puppet shows in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

There are also blues jams in Maine, folk festivals in Newport and Lowell, theatrical plays in the Berkshires, and so on. The cultural calendar has several concerts, film festivals, and other activities.


Check out the many festivals and fairs that honor New England specialties, including lobster from Maine, oysters from Wellfleet, and beer from Vermont.

The best of both worlds, the booming locavore movement and a plethora of foreign culinary inspirations come together in New England’s cuisine.

Foodies will discover many options in New England, from pancakes smothered in maple syrup to seafood direct from the ocean to unusual meals influenced by Portugal, Italy, or Asia.

11. Moscow: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Moscow is one of the dream vacation spots that never cease to amaze and impress, no matter the time of year or how late in the evening you arrive.

Kremlin and Red Square

The Kremlin and nearby Red Square, the city’s original location (and, by extension, the nation), remain at the center of modern-day Moscow.

As you explore the old castle, take in the awe-inspiring beauty of St. Basil’s Cathedral, and pay homage to the respected leader of a nation that no longer exists, you will begin to feel the weight of this importance. Moscow has the power to stir your soul.

And it all begins right here at the Kremlin and Red Square, where it will delight your senses, calm your soul, and astound your intellect.

Communist History

The city is littered with relics of the former Soviet Union. Museums try to analyze and synthesize the past, while monuments honor the past’s heroes and successful wars by remembering their sacrifices.

Visit the Art Muzeon to see Lenin and Stalin knocked from their pedestals. Visit VDNKh and live out your socialist-realist fantasies. The Bunker-42 Cold War Museum is a deep dive into the Soviet system.

Take a trip on the subway that looks like a museum, and think about the millions of people who died in the Gulag as you go. These days, people may get a flavor of the Soviet era by visiting one of the many vintage clubs and cafés. Even Soviet-era arcade games are available for play.

Performing Arts

What could be more exciting than witnessing a dancer at the glitzy Bolshoi Theatre defy gravity by jumping across the stage? Or about experiencing the power of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture only a few blocks from its original 19th-century debut site?

Or maybe you’d rather be awestruck by the acrobatic feats of the circus’s performers beneath the big top? Moscow’s classical performing arts continue to be world-class.

Even the most conventional theaters of today often try new things by staging revivals of forgotten classics or presenting world premieres.

The performing arts scene in the nation’s capital is impressive whether your taste lies more with the classics or the cutting edge.

Orthodoxy and Architecture

Some 600 churches dot the streets of Moscow, many shining after recent repairs. You may hear church bells ringing as you wander the city and see golden domes poking out from behind the roofs.

There are magnificent churches, medieval fortifications, and colorful hidden jewels. Stone sculptures and glistening domes decorate the outsides, while antique icons, wafting incense, and devout worshipers fill the interiors.

It is easy to feel the weight of Orthodoxy’s role in shaping the Russian country over a thousand years when you visit these revered worship sites.

12. Paris: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Paris is one of the most popular dream vacation spots, boasting monument-lined boulevards, museums, traditional bistros, and boutiques, along with the recent influx of multimedia galleries, innovative wine bars, design stores, and digital start-ups.

The Eiffel Tower, a majestic structure; the broad Arc de Triomphe protecting the amazing avenue des Champs-Élysées, the cathedral of Notre Dame with its flying buttresses; the lamplit bridges spanning the Seine, and the wicker chairs lining the terraces of art nouveau cafes are all symbols of Paris.

Despite first impressions, Paris’s cityscape isn’t static. It also has some beautiful modern and contemporary landmarks, such as the inside-out, industrial-style Centre Pompidou, the vertical garden at the Musée du Quai Branly, the glass sails of the Fondation Louis Vuitton contemporary-art center, and the gleaming steel egg-shaped concert venue La Seine Musicale.

Try your luck on the best hookup sites for casual sex and adult dating if you don’t have somebody to bring to Paris, aka the “city of love.“

Glorious Food

Whether you’re looking for a cozy neighborhood bistro or a triple-Michelin-starred restaurant, you’ll find that every establishment takes pride in the exquisite preparation and presentation of quality produce, always served with wine, as befits France’s well-deserved reputation for its cuisine (the French word for ‘kitchen’).

Picnic provisions may be purchased at the city’s enticing patisseries, boulangeries, fromageries, and bustling, colorful street markets, which are then taken to one of the many lovely parks and gardens in the area.

All schedules, skill levels, and budgets may find a suitable cooking class among the many available (from home kitchens to the world’s most prominent cookery schools).

Stylish Shopping

Parisians and their chic dress are the city’s claim to fame. A trip to Paris isn’t complete without perusing the latest collections at the city’s cutting-edge designer shops and haute couture houses.

There are trendy concept stores, beautiful art nouveau department stores, many flea markets and vintage boutiques, quaint bookshops and dark green bouquiniste stalls selling secondhand books along the riverbanks, unique art galleries, antique shops, toy stores, gourmet food markets, and wine stores galore.

Artistic Treasures

Renoir, Rodin, Picasso, Monet, Manet, Dal, and Van Gogh are just a few of the geniuses who have called Paris home at some point in their careers, making it one of the world’s great art archives.

The city is home to some of the world’s best museums, including the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay’s incredible impressionist collection, and the Centre Pompidou’s cache of modern and contemporary art.

There are also several dozens of smaller museums showcasing every imaginable genre, a wide variety of venues mounting everything from major exhibitions to offbeat installations, and the city’s vibrant street art.

13. Honolulu: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Honolulu is where you may meet genuine Hawaiians, unlike Waikiki’s overcrowded tourist traps. Honolulu, the lively capital of the Polynesians, offers various activities and attractions typical of the islands.

Chinatown is a great place to sample cuisine from all across Asia while exploring the historic streets where whalers fought each other and immigrant merchants prospered in the 19th century.

Go window shopping at Ala Moana, the world’s biggest open-air retail area, and then look around the city’s world-class institutions.

Walk through Victorian-era brick structures, including the only royal palace in the United States, and take panoramic ocean views from atop the iconic Aloha Tower.

Palm palms along the waterfront sway in the ocean wind, and wooded hiking routes in the cold, misty Koolau Range give picture-postcard views of the city.

After the sun goes down, stroll around Magic Island or dive into the water at Ala Moana Beach. In the evening, return to Chinatown for cutting-edge art and lively nightlife.

14. Manila: Top Dream Vacation Spots

It’s true that Manila’s attractions are among the best in the world, but those who make an effort will also find the city’s creative essence, which includes everything from cutting-edge galleries to a thriving indie music scene.

Add to that the city’s love of speakeasies, artisan markets, and single-origin coffees, and it’s easy to understand why Manila isn’t only one of Asia’s most underestimated cities but also one of its trendiest.

Manila’s “Pearl of the Orient” title couldn’t be more appropriate since the city’s ugly exterior belies a prized treasure that is revealed to the perseverant.

Shining malls promise Manila’s bright new air-conditioned world as skyscrapers pierce the hazy sky, sprouting from the grinding squalor of sprawling shanty settlements.

While the city’s gridlocked roadways may seem like the overworked arteries of a perspiring giant, they are really the lifeblood of the 21st-century metropolis.

The city is no stranger to adversity, having weathered every natural and manmade tragedy imaginable, and yet it continues to grow and prosper as one of Asia’s real megacities.

15. Johannesburg: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Often shortened to “Jo’burg” or “Jozi,” this city is South Africa’s thriving economic and cultural center. It’s a city with an eye on the future, one that is evolving swiftly.

The hipster-friendly neighborhood of Maboneng has become one of the world’s most successful urban-renewal initiatives, with a steady stream of new loft apartments and office structures.

Johannesburg is unpretentious yet packed with attractions, including some excellent museums that shed light on South Africa’s history, such as the Apartheid Museum. Explore the depths and feel the excitement of a city experiencing a remarkable revival.

16. Waikiki: Top Dream Vacation Spots

Waikiki, formerly reserved for Hawaiian royalty, now enjoys playing to a much larger crowd. In front of luxury hotels on the beach, this strip of sand sways to the beat of Hawaiian music.

The chanting of hula troupes at Kuhio Beach and the memory of Olympic gold winner Duke Kahanamoku are two examples of Hawaii’s rich history that can be heard even amid this bustling jungle of contemporary hotels and stores.

Spend the morning learning to surf from a tanned pro and the afternoon soaking in the sun on the pristine beaches of Waikiki. Sail toward Diamond Head on a catamaran before the sun goes down.

Drink a mai tai as the sun goes down and get lost in the soothing harmonies of a slack key guitar, then dance the night away among the vibrant natives who have made this their playground for a lifetime.

Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore, is one of India’s most advanced and developed cities thanks to its pleasant environment, cutting-edge metro system, and thriving eating, drinking, and shopping options.

Travelers who have spent time off the main path will appreciate the city’s modern conveniences. Visitors can get to know the inhabitants at craft beer bars and unique eateries.

There are no really iconic landmarks. However, there are several beautiful parks and impressive examples of Victorian architecture. Rapid growth in the last decade has been accompanied by increased traffic and pollution.

While the city’s major corporate offices and business parks of the burgeoning IT sector are primarily located in the city’s outlying suburbs, the core area (going back to the British colonial years) has little altered.

18. Thessaloniki: Top Dream Vacation Spots

It’s not hard to fall in love with Thessaloniki, with its stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, rich history and culture, outstanding restaurants, and breathtaking vistas of the Aegean Sea.

This is Greece’s second city, and while it’s felt the effects of the economic crisis and the rest of the nation, the streets are bustling with activity and energy.

Climbing to the top of the Byzantine walls at sunset reveals the city as a huge, organic totality, with each neighborhood seeming like a separate universe.

The 4th-century Arch of Galerius, an exquisite structure, looks out over the bustling commercial street of Egnatia, while the White Tower, the city’s most renowned landmark, anchors a waterfront full of cocktail bars.

This revitalized waterfront is a dream place to go for a stroll or ride a bike. The city comes alive with music and entertainment after the sun goes down.

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