Rehoboth Beach Locals Comment on FBI Searching Biden’s Vacation Home

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.—The FBI searched President Joe Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Feb. 1 but found no improperly stored classified documents.

This is the third time that the FBI has searched Biden-related facilities.

Last November, the FBI searched Biden’s former office at the Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington after his attorneys discovered classified materials there. Biden used the center when he was vice president during the Obama administration.

On Jan. 20, Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, was searched by the FBI, and classified documents were found.

Four people who live in the Rehoboth Beach area shared their views with The Epoch Times on Feb. 1 about the FBI’s search of Biden’s vacation house.

Retired Doctor: ‘Serious Issue’

Epoch Times Photo
Robert Cumming, a retired psychiatrist, comments on the FBI searching Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home at Rehoboth Beach on Feb. 1, 2023. (May Lin/The Epoch Times)

“It’s quite the news in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. So it’s very exciting that the FBI is here,” said Robert Cumming, a retired psychiatrist who read the news that morning.

“I think this is a serious issue,” Cumming said.

He thinks issues concerning classified documents should be investigated, and the dangers that may be associated with them should be addressed. He said the investigation is “good for everyone.”

Cumming doesn’t think the FBI search will have that much impact on Biden. “I think that the political divisions are so stringent at this point that if you’re either a President Biden fan or President Trump fan, you probably won’t be changing your mind based on what happens today,” he said.

Cumming said he is not a Democratic or Republican: “I’ve been an independent for decades and decades and decades.”

In the end, the 80-year-old offered some advice to all politicians.

“My advice is for all the old people to stop bothering the young people, let the young people take over the country, and run it the way that it should be run. And I would be grateful if they would do that,” said Cumming.

Retired Teacher: ‘A Little Nervous’

Judy Blank, a retired teacher who taught special education and reading in a middle school, said that she has been giving the issue of classified documents a lot of thought.

“I don’t understand why President Trump and then Vice President Pence and President Biden all have these classified documents in their homes,” said Blank, who moved to Rehoboth Beach six months ago.

“I don’t think it should have happened. I want an answer as to how this happened. Where are these leaks coming from? How are these documents getting from the White House to these private residences? If they are supposed to be completely classified,” she said.

“And it makes me a little nervous because of international security,” Blank said.

“I want the Republicans and the Democrats to start working together for the good of this country,” said Blank, who offered some advice to the country’s politicians. “Stop the nonsense, stop the infighting, stop putting your party first, and start putting the country first,” she said.

Retired Engineer: ‘Should be Strictly Investigated’

Epoch Times Photo
Rifka Cholaky, a retired engineer, comments on the FBI searching Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home at Rehoboth Beach on Feb. 1, 2023. (May Lin/The Epoch Times)

Rifka Cholaky, a retired mechanical engineer who immigrated from Turkey, said, “It should be investigated. Definitely.”

He said Biden “was cooperating with the FBI and who was investigating him.”

Cholaky said that he voted for Biden but did not support him too much just because he didn’t want Donald Trump to win.

He said the FBI investigation could possibly affect Biden’s re-election campaign.

Retired Post Office Employee: Hope to Get the Truth

Epoch Times Photo
Henry Rulapaugh, a retired post office employee, comments on the FBI searching Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home at Rehoboth Beach on Feb. 1, 2023. (May Lin/The Epoch Times)

Henry Rulapaugh, 83, who worked at the post office before retiring, said, “I hope they get to the truth” about the FBI searching Biden’s house.

Rulapaugh expressed his concerns about there being too much fake news in the media.

“It’s hard to tell what’s really going on this year,” Rulapaugh said.

“Because depending on what news source you use, you’ll get an answer one way, and the next news source will give you 180 degrees different opinion on this, the same thing that happened,” he said.

“I’m finding out that probably half of it or more is complete lies.”

Rulapaugh believes the investigation will impact Biden.

“I think it will this time. In the past, the news was always slanted, but the truth is gradually coming out more and more,” he said.

May Lin contributed to this report.

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