VICKI’S VIEW: The Fall Heard Round the World

VICKI’S VIEW: The Fall Heard Round the World

By Vicki Brown

We watched it drop. Gradually and gently, it wafted and wobbled in the breeze…spinning a little, then straightening and landing with a smooth plop in the ravine beneath.

The decline had deep this means for my family. It intended the close of silence and solitude, the finish of peace and quiet….the end of joy. It meant that our vacation had turned into a nightmare. The shock was practically far too awful to bear. It was gone…and we couldn’t get it again or find a different one.

The Binky was gone.

Permit me back again up and give you much more to this story.

My mother and father married in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia, and honeymooned in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. So, Gatlinburg usually had particular this means for them. Speedy ahead to 1969 when close friends in our church available to allow us keep in their Swiss Chalet found on a mountain there. My moms and dads were being ecstatic. They would get to go back to their honeymoon locale once more and remain for cost-free, but this time they would have a few little ones in tow: I was 10, my middle sister was 6, and my little one sister was 12 months. What entertaining.

The chalet was attractive and extra costly than nearly anything we could visualize. My sister and I were supplied the loft to slumber in, and to us, it was like a treehouse. The Smokey Mountains were beautiful, and my dad took us to a creek one day to splash about. We were being possessing a grand time.

My favored element was the go to to the pancake house exactly where I indulged in a heavenly Belgian waffle that didn’t assist my chubby figure at all. Ah… I still don’t forget the powdered sugar loaded on leading, along with whipped product and maple syrup. Yum. Of system, it did not assistance my motor vehicle sickness issue with all the twists and turns likely up the mountain to the chalet or driving down the mountain to consume.

One particular working day, we decided to experience the chair lift situated in downtown Gatlinburg. To newbies, you ought to realize that Gatlinburg was truly diverse back again then. It experienced generally German or Swiss décor and names, and there ended up a couple touristy outlets and the website traffic was manageable. That is the total reverse of what it is now.

But we children ended up enthusiastic about driving the chair lift, so we got in line and climbed aboard. My sister and I were together, while my father, mom and infant sister were being in entrance of us. As the chairs rose into the air and up the mountainside, it was thrilling and a very little terrifying. But we were being possessing this sort of a very good time when the unthinkable happened….my infant sister spit out her Binky, and it fell to the floor under us. There was no attainable way to retrieve the important object of peace.

What is a Binky? It was a pacifier manufactured by the Binky corporation, and the only a single of its type amongst the large environment of pacifiers. What created it so special? It was the only pacifier my baby sister would acquire, and a person she certainly had to have.

Now, I kid you not, her Binky addiction was worse than any health care or unlawful drug dependancy I have at any time observed. When she put it in her mouth, she created a “Yum, yum” audio, virtually like the purring of a cat. We experienced attempted to wean her from the Binky and certainly gave in every time…we could not consider it. She refused to sleep without having it, refused to be liked, held, cuddled, or very a great deal anything with no the Binky. She would scream her head off, totally jarring us with the ear-splitting screeching. So, we never ever went any place without having the Binky. And now, we all observing it plummet into the ravine.

We knew we had been doomed.

It went rather considerably like we expected. She screamed. And screamed. And screamed. In desperation, daddy went in search of yet another Binky alternative, but in the full location, no Binky could be identified. Evidently the Binky Company had not yet learned that area of Tennessee nor the necessity of providing determined dad and mom with the wonderful pacifier. In other words, we were out of luck.

Finally, in exhaustion, the infant gave in and fell asleep, and so did we. It took two times.

It wasn’t really the holiday vacation we experienced hoped for, but it was a single that was unforgettable. And now, virtually 54 years later, it is continue to a humorous memory, a excellent subject matter of conversation, and a thing we maintain around my sister’s head, so I guess it was well worth it.

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