10 Hot Surabaya Travel Destinations To Enjoy

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10 Hot Surabaya Travel Destinations To Enjoy

Surabaya is a delight for foodies, offering everything from fine dining experiences to bustling night stalls. Sample local delicacies such as rujak cingur (fruit salad with slices of cow nose) and rawon.

City crime rates are relatively low and it is safe to visit. Visitors should still remain cautious while walking on city streets (rising an arm when crossing is recommended), and when taking hikes up Mount Bromo. Cathay Pacific offers great transportation options, including Hong Kong to Surabaya for all interested.

1. Suro & Boyo Statue

Suro and Boyo statues can be found near the entrance to Surabaya Zoo, serving as an inspiration and reminder of always staying strong. According to local legend, Surabaya got its name due to an epic fight between these two animals which gave rise to its name – this monument serves as a constant reminder to do just that.

Trowulan Museum (Tembalang) at Trowulan archaeological site showcases artifacts from Majapahit dynasty artifacts that make an unforgettable journey back in time. Additionally, this venue also hosts regular cultural performances and events that bring history alive!

Visit Surabaya’s Suramadu National Bridge, one of Southeast Asia’s longest cable-style bridges that connects Madura Island with Surabaya city center, for unforgettable views! Afterward, visitors should head over to Kenjeran Dancing Fountain Park where an exhilarating water show takes place at sunset – another must see!

2. Monkasel (Submarine Monument)

Monumen Kapal Selam stands as an elegant tribute to Indonesian Navy veterans on the bank of Kalimas River in Jakarta. It’s Asia’s largest submarine monument and features an exhibit inside decommissioned Russian war submarine KRI Pasopati 410 dating back from 1952; making for an impressive sight indeed!

Indonesia’s East Java province is famous for Mount Bromo and its otherworldly volcanic landscape. Visitors can take sunrise tours up Mount Bromo while also discovering its many craters and caves.

Roode Brug Surabaya is an alluring combination of museum, antique store and heritage tour shop located in the city center. Additionally, there’s also an interesting night market which boasts strange food stands such as Kodam Brawijaya Street food stand – it’s one of Southeast Asia’s best night markets and provides an opportunity to sample local dishes!

3. Suramadu National Bridge

Suramadu National Bridge stands out as one of Surabaya’s most striking landmarks, boasting a unique decommissioned Russian submarine as an attraction and serving as an attractive photo spot and historical attraction for photography and history enthusiasts alike.

Tugu Pahlawan, commonly referred to as the Heroes Monument, is an iconic landmark that commemorates the Battle of Surabaya and holds significant historical importance for Indonesia. Visitors should make time to visit this beloved landmark that memorialises Indonesia’s struggle for independence.

The Heroes Monument also houses Museum 10 November, offering visitors additional insight into Indonesia’s battle for independence with historical artifacts. Also nearby is House of Sampoerna which stands as an elegant reminder of Surabaya’s rich tobacco tradition and can also be visited via House of Sampoerna Museum, making for a rewarding visit both historically and photography-wise. The Heroes Monument itself also makes an excellent photo op for history enthusiasts as well as photography buffs.

4. Majapahit Hotel

For fans of Grand Hotels, Surabaya’s Majapahit is one of the finest accommodations. Constructed by Sarkies Brothers who also built Singapore’s Raffles Hotel and Yangon’s Strand Hotel – which bear their signature designs – this grand hotel plays an integral part in Indonesian nationalism’s struggle.

This hotel first opened as the ‘Hotel Oranje’ in 1910, before Lucas Martin Sarkies transformed it to its current name and Art Deco frontage in 1936. During this period it was frequented by notable figures like Charlie Chaplin.

Merdeka Room and Sarkies Room hold particular historical importance for this hotel. In 1945, young Indonesian nationalists came to this room and removed its blue part, symbolizing independence for Indonesia.

5. Wisata Mangrove

The Wisata Mangrove project is an outstanding conservation initiative to save Indonesia’s coastal areas. Situated in Surabaya City, this area contains the largest surviving mangrove forest in South East Asia – an important habitat for biodiversity.

Experience an authentic night market and taste some delicious authentic cuisine from around the country here, such as traditional Indonesian cuisine, spicy street snacks, roasted chicken, or bakso (steamed dumplings).

Before making plans to visit Mount Bromo in Indonesia’s Pacific Ring of Fire region and its 129 active volcanoes, be sure to research current volcanic activity reports before choosing when is best for climbing this active volcano. Being smart is always best.

6. Surabaya Zoo

This zoo is one of the most famous in Indonesia and worldwide. However, this particular facility has come under scrutiny due to many complaints by individuals and activist groups regarding animal conditions within it – many seem starved, don’t have proper living arrangements and have even died as a result of these conditions.

People often feel traumatized and sad when visiting this zoo due to how badly its animals are treated – many appear malnourished, skinny and dirty, living in enclosures which don’t even resemble their natural habitat.

Surabaya offers another exciting activity – visiting Bukit Jamur Bungah (Mushroom Rock Village). This village of naturally formed rock mushroom hills resembles Pamukkale in Turkey but at a fraction of the price and with far fewer visitors. It provides an idyllic place to take pictures or just spend some quality time.

7. Kenjeran Beach

Kenjeran Beach offers beach lovers an ideal place for leisurely strolls along its sandy shores or refreshing dips into its refreshing waters, not to mention stunning sunset views.

History buffs will find the Ten November Museum captivating, as it pays homage to an epic battle that took place during Indonesia’s fight for independence. It features an impressive collection of artifacts and multimedia presentations.

Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Monument), an interactive experience, provides visitors with an engaging educational opportunity and is perfect for families. Explore tight quarters while learning about Indonesia’s naval history at this special attraction! This experience is one you won’t want to miss!

8. Hutan Bambu Surabaya (Surabaya Bamboo Forest)

Are you a nature enthusiast? Surabaya provides the ideal opportunity for nature enthusiasts to engage with the great outdoors by visiting Hutan Bambu Surabaya Park. Here, winding pathways lead through tall bamboo groves to create an uplifting and refreshing ambiance, and there are even jogging tracks so that visitors can walk freely while appreciating its surroundings.

Hutan Bambu Surabaya offers more than just natural beauty; there’s also an exhibit detailing Liem Seng Tee and his wife’s remarkable journey from small-time handmade cigarette makers to one of Indonesia’s premier tobacco moguls.

Unleash an exciting journey and discover Surabaya’s top attractions and vibrant culture! From historic landmarks to world-class hotels, Surabaya has something to offer every traveler – so pack up and prepare to eat, shop and explore!

9. Kampong Arab

Kampong Arab, located near Singapore’s thriving port city, traces its origins back to 1850s when Kampong (meaning compound or village ) served as home for Malay, Arab, Bugis, Javanese and other communities living within. Today it hosts many mosques which trace back their place of worship back to that era.

This region was named for the gelam tree (also known as tamarind), which thrived abundantly there. When Sultan Ahmed Shah signed a treaty with the British East India Trading Company in 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles set aside land for his palace, mosques and villages as part of their settlement agreement.

Arab Street has long been known for selling textiles and handicrafts from local artists, while offering plenty of places to grab a cup of coffee or tea before hitting one of its many cafes or restaurants – not forgetting its Instagrammable alleyways!

10. Kampong Bulak

Escape the hustle and bustle of Surabaya by embarking on a delightful trishaw ride – more than simply transport, it allows you to experience its vibrant energy first-hand!

Location: Surabaya Zoo The statue of Suro and Boyo stands out as an iconic landmark near Surabaya Zoo, providing the ideal spot for selfies or just relaxing and taking in a sunset view.

Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument) offers a wonderful introduction to Surabaya’s history. This monument and museum pays homage to Indonesia’s heroes while providing insight into their nation’s battle for independence. Entrance is free; make sure to wear comfortable shoes as the walkways are covered with cobblestones; then enjoy lunch in one of the nearby restaurants!

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